Before you start selling

Welcome to selling on GetstonedAF
The very first step to start as a vendor is signing up using the vendor registration form. HERE

Fillip all signup fields With selling plan (they’re called Silver Plan, Gold Plan and Diamond Plan, but you can think of them as standard and premium)


Step by Step Guide GetstonedAF Seller Multi-step Wizard.

When a seller registers an account for the first time in a Marketplace powered by GETSTONEDAF, they will get the opportunity of using this wizard. It gives the seller a step by step guideline to set up their store easily. At first, it shows an introduction of the quick setup wizard.


After clicking ‘Let’s Go!’ button, the wizard takes you to the store setup page where you have to provide details about your store. You can set how many products will be showed in your store. Besides that, you can include your address and other relevant information. In addition, you can define whether you want to display your email address in the store or not. When are you done, click on the Continue button.

Please Note: You can skip this step, but you have to include this information later from you Store Setting page.


The next step helps you to configure your Withdraw options. You can include-
  • PayPal Email
  • Bank Information including account name, account number, bank name, bank address and SWIFT code
  • Connect with Stripe

Setup payment Info

After providing all the information, click on the Continue button. It will show you a confirmation message and ask you to go to your store dashboard. You can also return to the marketplace by clicking on the link at the bottom of the wizard.

Vendor Dashboard

You can find an overview of your store, page view, orders, earnings, reviews and products. There is also an announcement section. It displays all the latest notice or announcement from GetstonedAF.

Vendor Dashboard gives you an overall summary of your store and activities. From this dashboard you can easily manage you store and also get quick insights. Besides that it will provide suggestions on how to make your store more appealing to your customers.


Create a product from Vendor dashboar

Navigate to vendor dashboard. Click on -> Products from the left menu and then -> Add New Products button from the top right corner. It will open a new window where you will be able to create a new product very easily with providing the most important details only.

Special Note: Choosing the Right Dimensions But the website maker typically recommends using 800 x 800 pixels for square product photos. These are high-resolution images that give your store a professional and well-rounded look with great zoom capabilities.

Follow this website link for resize-image


The common information

The common information about a product are the title, price, description. Discount price is optional. You can even schedule discounts for a certain amount of time. You can enter a starting date and end date to apply automatic discounts to your product. Category selection is singular Because according to Google Webmaster Guidelines and other SEO and UX best practices, it is recommended to have only one category assigned to a product.

New Product Creating From Vendor

Order Listing

Navigate to vendor dashboard. Click on -> Order The order page displays the order detail in the list. This page shows order number, order total amount, earned amount, order status, customer details, order date and order action. you could view order farther details manage order status and delete order from order action.

Special Note: You can filter the orders by Date. Besides that, you can also export the order list.

Order details From Vendor Dashboard


Coupons can be a good way to retain your loyal customers as well as gain new customers.

To create a new coupon for your store, navigate to Vendor Dashboard->Coupons. Then click on Add New Coupon.


The fields included are:

1. Coupon Title: Add the name you want to give your coupon.

2. Description: In this field you can add what the coupon is about.

3. Discount Type: This drop-down let’s vendors select between percentage and fixed amount for your discount.

4. Amount: Add the discount amount (percentage/fixed) here.

5. Email Restrictions: Choose to limit the coupon to certain emails if you like. If you insert an email then only customers with that email would be able to use the coupon.

6. Usage Limit: Add the number here if you want to restrict coupon usage to a certain amount.

7. Expire Date: If you would like for the coupon to remain usable only up to a certain time, select the expiry date from here.

8. Exclude Sale Items: Vendors can select this checkbox if they want to opt out sale items from the coupon offer.

9. Minimum Amount: Select the minimum amount an order should be for a customer to apply for the coupon.

10. Product: Vendors can select one, multiple, or all products they are selling at their respective stores.

11. Exclude products: Vendors can also exclude the coupon from applying to a particular product or multiple products.

12. Product categories: Include one or multiple product categories into the coupon.

13. Exclude product categories: Select one or more product categories to exclude from the coupon offer.

14. Show on store: Select this checkbox to display the coupon code on your store front.


Store Settings

Store banner will represent vendor products concept by one big image. Vendor could use a good visual interactive image to grab the attention of customer. Vendor will set the image from Vendor Dashboard→Settings→Store tab. You can schedule opening and closing hours for your online stores. This feature is available in Vendor Dashboard→Settings→Store.Scroll down to find the widget for Store Opening-Closing Time. For each day of the week, select from the drop-down Open or Close. If Open, select the duration from the numeric fields. You can write about your store  in the Biography option. Vendor-Store-Setting

Store SEO

Your store SEO can help you to increase your store traffic. You can set your SEO title, meta description, meta keywords, Facbook title, description, image, Twitter title, description and image. Store SEO    


This is how the panel looks like by default. The seller has to go to Vendor Dashboard->Settings->Verification to meet this panel.

Verify ID, Driving License or Passport

When you click on the “Start Verification” button this modal will appear. You can upload photos for Passport, National ID, or Driving License Select the category and Upload the file as necessary.


Verify Address

When you click the button Start Verification under the Address Verification section you will get a form like this. Fill out the fields and press Submit.

Payment Settings

There have three type of payment method included.You can set your comfortable payment method for the store. For Bank transfers, just add bank account name, account number, name of the bank, address and finally swift code. Add most popular payment method Paypal Email or connect with your Stripe account by clicking connect with Stripe button. save the settings by clicking Update Settings button.


Withdraw Methods

There are 3  payment withdrawal options (Paypal, Bank Transfer, Stripe) is available in GetstonedAF. Seller could select comfortable withdrawal method from drop-down box in withdraw page.

Withdraw Methods

Minimum Limit

Seller must have minimum limit to make a withdraw request. GetStonedAF has set the minimum balance for seller to make a withdrawal request. seller will view the limit in Store terms & condition.


From your dashboard, you can generate different handy reports for your store. Which features help you in critical moments and also to understand the status of your store. Navigate to-> Dashboard -> Reports -> Statements



We have three subscription packs. if you think upgrade your plan it’s supper easy, just go to your Dashboard ->Subscription. You will select a plan and switch new plan. it will take 1/2 hours to active.

Subscription packages

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